Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ladybug Hope Project

After great consideration, and some prodding , I have started the Ladybug Hope Project.  A network for fellowship, sharing, learning, and walking with Jesus and other like minded believers and seekers alike.

I have a Bachelors in Ministry working on my Masters and was feeling a calling to do something! I spent time online visiting "Christian" chats and was very disappointed. It was shocking and sad. To many power hungry moderators and to little meaningful chat. Rules and expectations, money hunting and overall not a very Christ like environment is what I found on  my journey.

I observed people booted for difference of opinions on semantics, booted for speaking up for scapegoats, "leaders" who lacked leadership. People talking just for the sake of hearing themselves talk on microphone. It left me very sad. So, I did what I do, tried to fix it!

The Ladybug-Hope Project is both personal and for school. It is meant to be a place for fellowship, chat, learning and sharing without the rules, power struggles,  or elitist attitude. All are welcome.

It will be a network of believers making a difference both online and in local communities.

I invite all earnestly seeking the compassion of Christ to give it a try. It is free and meant to bring unity.

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